Business Spotlight on Ann & Fran’s Kitchen

Ann & Fran's Kitchen

Ann & Fran’s Kitchen found at 471 Main Street West Yarmouth, MA on Cape Cod

Ann & Fran’s Kitchen, located at 471 Main Street in West Yarmouth opened in 1975.  Current owner Debby Duarte purchased the popular Yarmouth eatery five years ago and runs it with her son Tyler (the chef) and daughter, Kayla.


Chef Tyler, Ann & Fran's Kitchen

Chef Tyler, hard at work at Ann & Fran’s Kitchen in West Yarmouth, MA

Kayla from Ann & Fran's Kitchen in West Yarmouth, MA on Cape Cod

Kayla serving up a cup of coffee at Ann & Fran’s Kitchen



A quick search online finds that Ann & Fran’s is rated number two for restaurants in West Yarmouth (TripAdvisor) with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.  In the summer it’s common to drive by and see groups of people outside at the picnic tables, chatting with others, while waiting for a seat.  With food this good though, it’s rarely a problem for customers.  Regulars know to expect a wait and talking with other patrons is just part of the atmosphere. Inside the restaurant, Ann & Fran’s has a homey feel that makes you feel immediately comfortable. It’s a place you can bring your kids or your grandma and soon find yourself striking up a conversation with the table next to you. While many locals visit more frequently during the winter months when it’s a little slower, many travelers consider themselves “regulars” and return year after year during their summer vacation.

Ann & Fran's Kitchen

A warm atmosphere welcomes you at Ann & Fran’s Kitchen.

Daily specials at Ann & Fran's Kitchen

Daily specials await at Ann & Fran’s Kitchen.


Ann & Fran’s serves a menu of breakfast and lunch items with favorites including Kale Soup, Eggs Benedict, lobster benedict, and their summer Lobster Roll.  The ingredients are fresh and the food is simply amazing.  Come June, the restaurant starts offering their chowder and lobster rolls, which are a huge, hit.  This season Chef Tyler is also hoping to try adding some new sandwiches but has no plans to mess with customer favorites (good thing!).

Lobster roll at Ann & Fran's Kitchen

The lobster roll is a summer favorite at Ann & Fran’s Kitchen.

Linguica Benedict at Ann & Fran's Kitchen

Linguica benedict from Ann & Fran’s Kitchen is a year round favorite.


If you’ve never been to Ann & Fran’s Kitchen its certainly one to add to your list.  If you’re a local, head on over now.  Vacationers, Debby tells us that things really start picking up during the week in June, and the weekends start picking up a little earlier.  Regardless of when you’re in the Yarmouth area, Ann & Fran’s Kitchen is a “must visit”.  Call them at 508-775-7771 or follow them on Facebook.

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