The First Annual Sandy Feet 3 Mile Run Creates New Memories For One Family

It’s Summer Celebration Kick-Off Week in Yarmouth which means boatloads of fun events and entertainment for the family, much of which is free to attend.  A new addition to the calendar this year is a 3 mile fun run on Bass River Beach…..yes that’s 3 miles entirely in the sand!  The event was organized by our local running store; Bayside Runner located in the Yarmouth Shopping Center at 484 Station Ave in Yarmouth.

I arrived at the Sandy Feet 3 Miler ready to take some photos and help promote the event in the hopes that it would do well and become a regular part of Yarmouth Summer Celebration festivities.  It was a nice afternoon, it wasn’t too hot and a nice breeze was blowing over the beach.  The first runner to return to the finish was none other than Bayside Runner’s co-owner Adam Stuhlfaut.  Bayside’s other co-owner Tom Pena finished in the top four as well.

The Sandy Feet 3 Mile Race was held entirely on Bass River Beach in Yarmouth, MA

The Sandy Feet 3 Mile Race was held entirely on Bass River Beach in Yarmouth, MA


After taking a few photos of the kites I decided to wait at the finish for more people to come through.  It was then that I struck up a nice conversation with a gentleman named Ray Hodorski. Ray crossed the finish with a young boy and the two of them were congratulating each other and talking about how great the run was.  I thought to myself how nice it was to see them running it together.  I soon learned they had a whole crew of family members there with them.  My simple inquiry tuned into a lovely conversation and I quickly realized that this family is the exact reason we hold summer celebration in the first place!  Let me tell you more about Ray and his family and you’ll understand why.

Ray and ten of his family members converge at the Riviera Beach Resort as a kick off to summer.  Their family has been doing this for seven years!  With two teachers in the family and family members spread across Florida and Connecticut they say “We always come up here to the Cape first before spending a few weeks in CT and use it as our summer kick off.”  Sure enough, one by one another nine family members would eventually make their way to the finish of the race (Ray’s brother Joe wasn’t able to participate).

Thankfully a few of the family members were walking and it gave me more time to connect with Ray.  As we’re chatting I learn that they happened upon the Yarmouth Summer Celebration Kick Off Week three years ago and have been making it the center of their family vacation ever since.  Ray said the kids look forward to it every year and he feels like they’ve grown up here. They love the Riviera Beach Resort and all the activities it offers.  With kids ranging in ages from 16 to 9 they always find something for everyone to do.  Aside from a few day trips to the National Seashore or Martha’s Vineyard, the family finds they have everything they need for a great vacation right here in Yarmouth, including the Skipper Restaurant which they admit to eating at, at least three or four times every year saying “The food has been consistently excellent and the staff always makes the kids feel welcome.”

When the family arrives at the Riviera they always get a list of activities. This year they were excited to see the Sandy Feet 3 Miler as a new addition to the events. “We saw the Sandy Feet Run and decided it would be a great activity for our entire group” said Ray.  We couldn’t agree more!

Watching these family members come in was a real treat.  As each family member approached the end of the run the others already there were cheering and waving them in.

Young girl finishes Sandy Feet 3 Miler


It was a wonderful sight to see such a supportive family working together.  In fact one of the children twisted an ankle somewhere out there and I had to chuckle as I heard one of the other children tell everyone in an authoritative voice that they all had to make sure they cheered him on extra loud because he was hurt and a little upset.  As a mom of two young kids I have to say that I hope and pray I’m succeeding at instilling this caring nature and strong family ties in my own children, as these adults obviously have in theirs.  They are clearly a tight knit unit.

From a distance we then all see the flag that many of us around Yarmouth have come to recognize as Steve Xiarhos, a member of the Yarmouth Police Department.  Only Steve isn’t carrying the flag this time, a young boy is.  That young boy turns out to be Ray’s ten year old nephew!  I have to tell you the whole family (and pretty much everyone in the general area) thought it was pretty neat to see this ten year old running with the flag with pure pride and determination on his face.  He kept running with that flag right past the finish all the way to the jetty!

10 Year Old Runs with Flag at Sandy Feet 3 Miler


Shortly thereafter the last of the Hodorski/Theroux crew arrives.  With high fives and congratulations all around and the promise of ice cream soon to come, I ask if I can take a family photo and email it to them as a memory of their inaugural race together.  They were gracious enough to let me publish them here in our blog.

Hodorsky:Theroux Family at the Sandy Feet 3 Mile Run Hodorski:Theroux Family at Yarmouth Summer Celebration


This is what Yarmouth Summer Celebration Kick Off is all about, good old fashioned fun and spending time together as a family.  Ray’s story is exactly what we strive for here, creating experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime; “My ten year old nephew was given the opportunity to carry the American flag across the finish line at the end of the race and that was an honor he will never forget.  In fact, he is already planning for the race again next year so we hope this will become an annual event and new tradition for our families.”  To that I say Thank You Ray! Thanks to you and all your family members for sharing your experiences with me and providing a shining example of why we love Yarmouth Summer Celebration and look forward to it every year as the kick off to summer and memory making on Cape Cod.  With about 60 runners participating this year, we’ll hope for an even larger turnout next year.  You can bet we’ll be looking for the Hodorski/Theroux crew at the start!



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Bayside Runner

Riviera Beach Resort

The Skipper Restaurant

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Yarmouth Summer Celebration 2013

The Yarmouth Summer Celebration is Back!  2013 promises to be just as great as last year.  The event has extended to nine days this year from June 21st-June 29th leading up to the July 4th holiday week.

One of the main attractions for the celebration is the commission of 36 sand sculptures around Yarmouth.  The sculptures are created by professional sand sculptor Greg Grady of Hampton Beach, NH and have vastly different designs.  You can find additional details about the sculptures and their locations on the Yarmouth Summer Celebration website at

Yarmouth Summer Celebration Sand Sculpture Map







Other free events lined up for the week include a fishing derby with a team led by Riverview Bait and Tackle, Kite flying with Archie Stewart & Friends, Salsa by the Sea and Nature Walks with Naturalist Connie Boyce.

You can also take in not one but two Y-D Red Sox Games at D-Y High Field. The Y-D Red Sox are again the non-profit sponsor host of the Yarmouth Summer Celebration Kick-Off with funding provided by the Town of Yarmouth’s Tourism Fund and proceeds going to the Y-D Red Sox.

Y-D Red Sox Game






On Wednesday people can participate in a fun run on the beach called the Sandy Feet 3 Miler with Bayside Runner.  After the run, cool down with the always popular Ice Cream Social.  For $5 people can sample 5 scoops of ice cream from the Cape’s best ice cream shops.  It’s a win-win event, get your exercise on and then be rewarded for your efforts!

The celebration caps off on Saturday night with a Y-D Red Sox game and a family movie night with the cartoons on the big screen at D-Y High Field followed by a fireworks display set to music.

All in all it’s a fantastic time to visit Yarmouth.  Many of the lodging establishments and restaurants have specials and the weather is fabulous.  It’s quintessential Cape Cod fun for the whole family and we hope to see you there!  We can’t forget to say a BIG thank you to our presenting sponsor the Cape Cod Irish Village who has been so generous in support of this event.

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Yarmouth Business Owers Ben Surro & the Zambellis Family Recieve The Cape Cod SCORE Awards

The Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce offers our heartfelt congratulations to Ben Surro & the Zambellis Family owners of DiParma Italian Table for receiving a Build a Better Mousetrap award from Cape Cod SCORE. DiParma Italian Table opened at the height of the economic crash 5 years ago and quickly has become a favorite restaurant of both travelers and year-round residents in Yarmouth.  At a time when many business owners scale back, Ben Surro and the Zamellis Family invested heavily in their community.  They continue to be dedicated supporters of numerous events, activities and causes for Yarmouth and Cape Cod and we are grateful for their participation and commitment.

Ben Surro Receiving the Build A Better Mousetrap Award from Cape Cod SCORE

Here’s an excerpt from the SCORE press release describing the award:

“Top honors at the SCORE awards breakfast go to the Small Business Owner of the Year who is selected from among the counseling organization’s small business clients. Various chambers of commerce select those who receive SCORE’s Build a Better Mousetrap Awards which this year will go to 16 small businesses that have survived the critical first five years of operation and appear to be headed for long-term success.”

To learn more about Cape Cod SCORE and/or the Build A Better Mousetrap award contact Jim Garpow at 508-240-2366 or

To learn more about DiParma Italian Table visit their website or Facebook page.  Be sure to congratulate Ben, the Zambellis Family and their entire team the next time you visit DiParma for a great italian meal.





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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Searching for the perfect gift for mom? You have plenty of options right in Yarmouth and certainly on Cape Cod.  We hope you’ll remember this Mother’s Day to shop small and shop local.  To help you out we’ve created a Mother’s Day Gift Idea board on our Pinterest page.  You can find it at Our Mother’s Day Gift idea board on Pinterest links directly back to the website of the company mentioned making it easy for you to find the location, view product details or view other ideas from that merchant.

Our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas board includes Cape Cod themed jewelry, spa services, handmade gifts, home accessories, flowers and services such as maid cleaning, makeup application and more.  For the ultimate gift, give the gift of time and relaxation.  We’ve offered a few options for places to send Mom locally for a night or weekend.  Whatever you decide to do for Mom this Mother’s Day, make it heartfelt and keep it local.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mom’s out there!

Here are a few ideas from our board:

Give the gift of relaxation!

Give the gift of relaxation!

A family photography session would make a great Mother's Day gift

A family photography session would make a great Mother’s Day gift

You can't go wrong with flowers!

You can’t go wrong with flowers!

Cape Cod Jewelry

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Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight on Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod

Welcome to the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight On….Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod where their tagline is “Heads and tails above the rest!” Howl-A-Day is entering their third summer on Cape Cod.  Susan, the owner, purchased and redesigned Howl-A-Day, calling on a collective 30 years of experience in the industry to be a safe, fun and dependable place for people to leave their dogs for a day or an extended stay.  Their model is simple – “clean, dependable and fun.”

Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod

Howl-A-Day caters to the people that live, and work here on the Cape, and is proud to offer a place for dog owners to feel confident leaving their favorite pals.  As Susan says “We’re not the biggest, or the cheapest but we’re a little bit different in all the right ways.”

This would seem a perfectly fitting description.  After spending some time with howl-a-day the one thought I kept coming back to was that howl-a-day is run remarkably similar to a children’s daycare!

You enter the day care and everyone has their own place for their stuff…

Howl-a-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod

Everyone has their own bed.  (At Howl-a-day there is actually a scheduled nap time for the dogs to rest.)

Nap area for dogs at Howl-a-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod

No one is ever left unattended.  Really, there is always someone in with the dogs…. just hanging out and playing with them!  All. day. long. How excited would you be?!

Love for dogs shows through at Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod

Dogs are grouped by age and size,  (are you seeing the similarities yet?) and each week they work on an agility and command with your dog….that’s helpful now isn’t it?

Practicing their manners - Dog obedience at Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod
Everyone has to conduct a temperament assessment and Susan says she is a real stickler for medical releases. (sort of like when the school tracks you down for your child’s yearly physical.)

Doggy love at Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod

So, how do you sign your child…eh dog up you ask?  Well the process is simple yet thorough.  Every owner must fill out a form and complete a temperament assessment on-site with staff.  At that time you tour the facility to make sure you’re all a good fit for each other.  If everyone is happy and all shots and medical releases are up to date then you’re in!  Howl-A-Day is open 7am-6pm Monday through Friday and summer Saturdays.  They also offer overnight boarding (complete with movies for the doggies, just like a slumber party).

Contact Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care

In talking with Susan you could see her enthusiasm for the dogs and for her staff.  In fact, no less than three times she mentioned how her success is attributable to her staff.  One of her staff has been a Vet Tech for over 15 years. Her pride in their passion and their love for animals shows through when she speaks about her business.  The dogs enjoy being there because they are cared for and played with and attended to constantly.  No wonder, it sounds much better than being home alone while mom and dad are at work now doesn’t it?

In addition to all these great amenities are the added offerings Susan provides to her day care clients.  Each month Susan schedules Aussie Pet Mobile to come to Howl-A-Day so that her client’s owners don’t have to take time off of work or spend part of their weekend having their dog groomed.  She also brings in a certified animal massage therapist, Beth DiGiulio once a month to take care of any doggies that might need a little extra TLC.  She often holds American Red Cross CPR for K-9 training, estate planning for pets, and other workshops throughout the year.

Howl-A-Day also gives back the community in several ways. Not only do they work with high school work study and intern programs, they spend a lot of time raising funds for organizations like the Sampson Fund, CARE and The Last Gasp.  In talking with Susan you can hear her passion for these causes and for the local community and projects like the Barnstable County Dog Park which she supports.

It was a pleasure visiting Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care. We hope you give them a call the next time you need a place for your four legged friend to hang out.  You can find them on the web at or on Facebook.  Of course you could also give them a call at 508-790-HOWL (4695) or go the old fashioned route and stop in and see them at 12 Industrial Park Road West Yarmouth, MA.

In the mean time we invite you to say hello to Susan in the short video below!


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Snowy Beach Scenes Highlight the Serenity & Beauty of Yarmouth, MA

Just a few days after the Blizzard of 2013, Yarmouth, MA was blanketed with a few inches of fresh snow.  The calm waters and an overcast sky really highlight the serenity and beauty of Yarmouth.  Soon the beach will be full of friendly travelers reveling in the summer beauty.  Until then, enjoy these images of the pristine Yarmouth beaches of winter. Do you have photos you’d like to share?  Comment below or email images to  And don’t forget, if you’re considering your next vacation we hope you’ll choose Yarmouth….Cape Cod Within Reach.  Visit us at www.yarmouthcapecod for lodging and restaurant directories, and travel related information.


Snow Covered Beach Sun peaks through the clouds above a snowy beach Lifeguard Chair Bass River Beach Jetty Bass River Beach Snow Scene

Yarmouth....Cape Cod Within Reach

Yarmouth….Cape Cod Within Reach

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Blizzard of 2013 Yarmouth Cape Cod Updates

Yarmouth and all of Cape Cod are beginning to dig out from the Blizzard of 2013.  Crews continue to work hard to clear roads to make them safe for residents to drive.  While the statewide driving ban has been lifted, people are urged to stay off the roads if at all possible to allow crews to continue working.  Below is an updated media release from Barnstable County Regional Planning Committee regarding the status of local shelters in the aftermath of the storm:

BCREPC Media Release 2013-01-003
February 9, 2013
For Immediate Release
Update: 12:30 p.m. shelter update

BARNSTABLE – The Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee (REPC) announces the following status of the regional shelters and the procedure for those seeking transport to the shelters.

Shelter Status:

1.  The Sandwich High School regional shelter will close.

2. Clients currently at the Sandwich High School shelter will be transported to the Falmouth High School shelter.

3. The Falmouth High School shelter will be upgraded from a community shelter to a regional shelter.

4. The Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School regional shelter will maintain its current status.

5. The Nauset Regional High School regional shelter will maintain its current status.


The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (RTA) will provide transportation to expedite the movement of clients to and between shelters.

Anyone in need of transportation to the regional shelter system should contact the RTA at the following number: 508-385-1437. (Police and fire personnel make take the information and relay to the RTA.) When calling for transportation be prepared to provide the following information:

1. Name and phone number of person requesting transport
2. Exact address with town and cross street if possible
3. Client mobility–does the client require a walker or wheelchair
5. Medical needs including the use of oxygen
6. Will the transport of a pet be required

For those seeking sheltering , the American Red Cross suggests clients have enough of what they need for  three days and suggests bringing the following items to the shelter: medications, glasses, emergency contact card, flashlight, sanitation/personal hygiene items, cell phone and charger, emergency blanket, extra cash, and pet food/kitty litter for those with pets (caged or on leash).

In addition the Yarmouth and Cape Cod Chambers of Commerce have been busy locating available hotel rooms for NStar utility repair crews. This is a challenge given that many of our hotels do not have power or phone service.  Thankfully we’ve been able to identify enough available hotel rooms to meet their needs.  Crews have a lot of work on the Cape to restore service and they are meeting that challenge by allocating significant resources to Cape Cod and Yarmouth.  Please be patient and know that help is on the way and everyone is doing the best they can to restore your roadways and utilities to normal as soon as possible.

Stay safe everyone and work together.  Think about how you can help your neighbors in need whether it be with a little extra energy behind a shovel or perhaps the offer to charge a cell phone or warm up in front of your fire.  Working together as a community we’ll soon all be looking back, telling our stories of the Blizzard of 2013!

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A beautiful, snowy (Super Bowl) Sunday in Yarmouth

We woke up to a beautiful snowfall this morning.  It wasn’t much, just enough to make everything look crisp and pretty and remind us why we love Cape Cod in the winter.  I decided to bundle my son and I up and head out to take a few photos.

Snowfall at Seagull Beach

I just love looking at shells in the snow, this one was peaking out perfectly.

Seashell In Snow

The lifeguard post won’t be seeing any action for a few more months, but the view from the top was nice a much better vantage point.

Seagull Beach Lifeguard Tower

After playing around on the beach we were hungry for a good breakfast.  There are several options in Yarmouth but we ended up choosing Ann & Fran’s Kitchen and weren’t disappointed.  The food was wonderful.

French toast, egg whites, bacon and sausage....Yum!

French toast, egg whites, bacon and sausage….Yum!

It’s not often I eat everything on my plate but my son and I both cleared ours and it wasn’t because there wasn’t enough food.  We both left stuffed and satisfied.  The french toast was just perfect, as were the eggs, and the bacon… all was.  Stop in and try it out for yourself.  You can find Ann & Fran’s Kitchen at 471 Massachusetts 28, West Yarmouth, MA 02673. Tell them the chamber sent you :-)

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Show Your Love on Valentines Day With An Engraved Boardwalk Plank at Gray’s Beach

Show your loved one how much they truly mean to you and surprise them this Valentines Day with an engraved boardwalk plank at Gray’s Beach. Visit the Yarmouth, MA town website to learn more about the Boardwalk Plank Program.

Gray's Beach Boardwalk Plank Program

Surprise your loved one this Valentines Day with an engraved boardwalk plan at Gray’s Beach in Yarmouth Port, MA

Chocolates, pint glasses, flowers, cufflinks and jewelry are all standard “go-to” gifts for Valentines Day. Sure, your guy or gal will probably be happy getting any of these items but if you really want to think outside the valentines box then take a look at the Boardwalk Plank Program offered by the Town of Yarmouth.  The plank program was started to offer people and businesses a way to commemorate a loved one, pet, business, event or even a family vacation or memory.  The planks can be engraved with up to 25 characters (including spaces & icons) and will replace one of the existing plain planks on the boardwalk at Gray’s Beach for all to see.

Surrounded by stunning views and amazing sunrises and sunsets, an engraved plank for your loved one will be viewed by the hundreds of residents and tourists that visit the Gray’s Beach Boardwalk on a daily basis year-round.

Gray's Beach Boardwalk

The beautiful boardwalk at Gray’s Beach is a popular destination to catch a stunning sunrise or sunset on Cape Cod

You can purchase your plank online via the Yarmouth Parks and Recreation registration site (“Main Menu” second item down is “Register for Activities” click “Boardwalk Planks”) or by visiting the Town of Yarmouth Website and downloading a mail in application.  If you’ve been to the boardwalk you know how fun it is to read all the planks people have dedicated to loved ones.  Imagine the surprise and excitement when your loved one sees a message there for themselves!  An engraved boardwalk plank from Gray’s Beach Boardwalk would make a truly remarkable and unique gift for Valentines Day that your loved one won’t soon forget.  Young or old, near or far, show your love on Valentines Day with an engraved boardwalk plank at Gray’s Beach.

Yarmouth Boardwalk Plank Program

Surprise a loved one with an engraved plank from the Gray’s Beach Boardwalk.



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Helping Our Seniors Be Fit

The Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce is very happy to welcome Boomer Fit Cape Cod to the area.  Boomer Fit Cape Cod is a fitness center for Baby Boomers and Seniors located at 947 Main Street in Yarmouth Port (formerly Be-Fit Yoga Studio).  The studio will focus on improving the fitness and wellness of our boomers and seniors with unique programs, and instructors that have a passion for fitness and fun.  They’ll offer group training, personal training and workshops, again, all catering to the unique needs of our baby boomers and seniors whether they’re residents, or visiting Yarmouth on vacation.

A fitness center catering to the needs of our baby boomers and seniors on Cape Cod.

A fitness center catering to the needs of our baby boomers and seniors on Cape Cod.

Boomer Fit Cape Cod has their Grand Opening on Saturday Feb. 2nd from 1-4pm and welcomes you to join them.  As part of the grand opening you’ll receive a 10% discount on a 20 time pass, 10 time pass, or monthly unlimited auto pay for the months of February and March.  Be sure to help spread the word and share this post with friends and loved ones.  You can also find Boomer Fit Cape Cod on Facebook at as well as the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce at  Welcome to the chamber!


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