Finding Your Favorite Business Social Media Pages

I’ll admit it, I’m a pretty heavy social media user.  In my defense it is a huge portion of my work responsibilities!  Even so I use Facebook and Twitter and my new obsession; Pinterest to stay connected to family and girlfriends around the country.  I also use social media quite a bit as a resource to learn more about the businesses I buy products and services from.  As I was talking to a group of adult students last week about social media I was quite surprised that so many of them aren’t taking advantage of social media to connect with businesses.  So I figured there might be more of you out there and perhaps I can inspire you to branch out!

Social media is a great way stay on top of offers, discounts and events happening at your favorite businesses.  If you’re all at into paying attention to where your dollar goes and trying to support your local community then it’s also a fantastic way to get to know local businesses.  Follow a business on Facebook and you can pretty quickly see how involved they are in the community, how they handle customer service and engaging with their customers, and even how passionate they are about their products or services.  It’s also a great way to know what’s happening around you.

Earlier this summer the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce kicked off a new initiative focused on social media.  We’ve significantly ramped up our activity on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and are seeing really wonderful results.  It’s really so fun to hear from people that have had a great experience vacationing here in Yarmouth, or from residents who comment on a photo or thank us for posting an event they didn’t know about.  As a result we’re really encouraging our Chamber Member businesses to do the same.  We’re following the pages of our members and do our best to share their content and promote their products, services and community events.

If you’re not sure where to get started in using social media sites to follow businesses we recommend you start by following our page.  Yes that is a shameless plug but really it makes perfect sense.  We can introduce you to local businesses you may not be aware of when we share their content.  We also promote as many events and community activities as we can.  You can also easily go to our page and see all of the businesses we follow right there in one place and hit a simple button to follow them yourself… searching or extra work involved. (comment below if you need help figuring out how to do this)

I’m so proud to say we have some really great businesses using social media locally.  I’m not going to list them all here in this post (though that would help with search results…hmmm!) but I will give you a few examples of local businesses who are active with social media.

Edward Gorey House

Red Jacket Resorts

Red Face Jacks

Thirwood Place

Ryan Family Amusements

Rogers & Gray

DiParma Italian Table

So go ahead and give it a shot.  Like the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce page.  Then like a few of the pages we follow and then go ahead and type in the name of your favorite businesses into the search box at the top of the page on any of the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) and look for businesses on your own.  And by all means, if you know of a business we should be following make sure you tell us in the comments below.

One other thing to keep in mind…..with the new Facebook algorithm it’s best to engage regularly with your favorite pages to make sure they keep showing up in your news feed.  It doesn’t take much, just hit the like button here and there when you see something that interests you and that will tell Facebook you really want to see that page’s content and keep it active in your news feed.  So go find some local businesses and like their pages today.  Then come back and let us know how about it.  We’d love to hear who your favorite businesses are to follow and stories of interesting things you’ve learned that you might not have if you weren’t following that business socially.  Have fun!

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