New Photos of Cape Cod

New Photos of Cape Cod

It’s time to update the cover photo on our Facebook page.  Our existing photo of Bass Hole Boardwalk is beautiful, but we’re ready for change.  This seemed like the perfect time to get out there and take some new spring photos.  We decided to go ahead and ask our Facebook fans what they’d like to see a photo of and let that guide us.  You can see the post here, but the requests ranged from daffodils to “a field of cranberries” to Judah Baker Windmill.  It’s a great list, and it’s fun to see what people miss about Yarmouth.  We didn’t hit everything on the list yesterday but we’ll be back out to shoot the remaining requests in the next few days.

So off we go, out and about town.  Here are a few of the shots that were taken.

Windmill Beach, Weather on Cape Cod in April

What a gorgeous April day we’re having here on Cape Cod This one is from Windmill Beach in South Yarmouth.

Judah Baker Windmill

A beautiful day in April at the Judah Baker Windmill in South Yarmouth, MA

Windmill Beach in South Yarmouth, MA Cape Cod

Windmill Beach in South Yarmouth, MA Cape Cod

Cranberry Bog in Yarmouth, MA Cape Cod

A “Sea of Cranberries” in Yarmouth, MA Cape Cod

Finally we did use one to update the cover photo of our Facebook page which you can view at or  here.  We selected a patch of daffodils that just shouted ‘Spring on Cape Cod!’  We hope you like it, tell us what you think in the comments below.

daffodils on Cape Cod

The daffodils are popping up in Yarmouth to welcome spring to Cape Cod.

Are you someone that doesn’t get to visit the Cape often? Is there a photo you’d love to see?  We’d love to help you out!  Comment below or send an email and let us know what you’d like to see photos of on our blog or other social media pages and we’ll do our best to go out and snap those photos for you.



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