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Helping Our Seniors Be Fit

The Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce is very happy to welcome Boomer Fit Cape Cod to the area.  Boomer Fit Cape Cod is a fitness center for Baby Boomers and Seniors located at 947 Main Street in Yarmouth Port (formerly Be-Fit Yoga Studio).  The studio will focus on improving the fitness and wellness of our boomers and seniors with unique programs, and instructors that have a passion for fitness and fun.  They’ll offer group training, personal training and workshops, again, all catering to the unique needs of our baby boomers and seniors whether they’re residents, or visiting Yarmouth on vacation.

A fitness center catering to the needs of our baby boomers and seniors on Cape Cod.

A fitness center catering to the needs of our baby boomers and seniors on Cape Cod.

Boomer Fit Cape Cod has their Grand Opening on Saturday Feb. 2nd from 1-4pm and welcomes you to join them.  As part of the grand opening you’ll receive a 10% discount on a 20 time pass, 10 time pass, or monthly unlimited auto pay for the months of February and March.  Be sure to help spread the word and share this post with friends and loved ones.  You can also find Boomer Fit Cape Cod on Facebook at www.facebook.com/boomerfitcapecod as well as the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce at www.facebook.com/YarmouthCapeCod.  Welcome to the chamber!


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Kids Can Have A Fun February Vacation With Yarmouth Parks & Recreation

Are your kids already counting down the days to February vacation?  As a parent you may be too.  Perhaps you’re going to Disney or another great vacation destination, or perhaps you’re trying to figure out as a working parent what you can do to keep your kids active and entertained without taking a week off of work!  If you’re in the later group then we have a safe, fun filled option for you.  The Yarmouth Parks & Recreation Sports & Fitness Activities Clinic.

Yarmouth Parks & Recreation is hosting a week long Sports & Fitness Activities Clinic over February vacation.  The clinic will take place at Mattacheese Middle School February 18th-22nd from 9:00am – 3:00pm each day. 10-14 year olds willl keep busy playing games, team building activities and even some arts & crafts.  Children should bring a lunch, snack, a beverage and warm outdoor clothing.

Contact Yarmouth Sports & Recreation to secure a spot for your child at the February Vacation Sports & Fitness Activities Clinic.  They can be reached at 508-398-2231 ext 1522 or online www.yarmouth.ma.us 

February Vacation Sport & Fitness Activities Clinic

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Yarmouth Puts The Spotlight On…..Captain Parker’s Pub

It’s a bright and sunny winter day here in West Yarmouth and I have the pleasure of sitting down with Gerry Manning, owner of Captain Parker’s Pub.

Captain Parker's Pub Owned by Gerry Manning







April: How did Captain Parker’s Pub come to be?


Gerry: I was a teacher up in Boston but I’d always wanted to start my own restaurant, to have a place I could call my own.  In 1981 a friend called me about this property for sale in West Yarmouth with a great view on Parker’s River, I could imagine a captain with a ship so Captain Parker’s was actually an easy name.  I intended it to be a seasonal business but once we got going we realized we had a year round business….and we’ve never looked back.  30+ years later and I’m grateful to say, we’re still holding strong.  We’ve added on and expanded but it’s still that same building with the river view.





April: Your chowder has won many awards and has seen its share of celebrity attention.  Tell us about it.


Gerry: I always said two things when I started; the beer has to be really, really cold and we have to have great chowder.  The first was very simple, but chowder is a surprisingly difficult food. I had a great chef and we worked on a recipe and came up with something thick and creamy we liked.


April: So how long did it take to perfect the recipe? If I was here in 86’ would I be eating the same chowder today as I did then?


Gerry: Oh sure, we really had it down probably in 1982. Since then its really been about evolving the technique more than anything.  The vegetable and potatoes have to be cooked perfectly, the base needs to be just so.  We use only fresh local ingredients, chopped sea clams…. fresh, fresh, fresh.


April: So beyond the chowder. I set down to your table, what do I eat?


Gerry: Well we know we can’t be everything to everyone, but we try to do the best we can.  Our broiled scrod is the next best seller. It’s very good.


April: Really though, as the owner you can only eat so much chowder, what do you eat?


Gerry: Chicken Marsala. In fact I really love all our sautéed dishes.  Our chowder and seafood bring people in but there’s usually at least one person in a party that doesn’t eat seafood. Our sautéed dishes and our prime rib are excellent.


April: So what do you think really made Captain Parker’s stand out?


Gerry: The chowder festivals really helped.  For years my team kept getting on me to enter.  Finally in 1998 we entered the Cape Cod Chowder Festival for the first time – and we won.  They were so excited.  The team was really into it.  It was A LOT of work to do right. We really gave it 100% for every one of those.  Lots of hours and lots of investment in, but done right they paid off.


April: Would you recommend your peers, say a baker, enter into contests like this if available?


Gerry: Oh yes, whatever exposure you can get.  Well, that is you have to be confident you have a really great product and can win! The Cape Cod festival attracts about 3,000 people, which is pretty amazing, Boston was about 12,000 people and Newport has about 20,000. The marketing and word of mouth that comes with winning even one award like that, is huge for a small business like ours.


April: And you won them all.


Gerry: Yes, we have really done well with those over the years and they brought so much exposure.  From there it led to what was a great run with the Food Network.  Rachel Ray came and featured our chowder in one of her books.  We even have a Jeopardy question, which is fun.


April: So how have you managed to stay relevant this long?


Gerry: It’s a delicate balance I think.  We have to keep changing but not too much. We have people that come back yearly to visit Cape Cod and always come here.  They need to feel comfortable, like they know us. We’re known for all the patches on our walls.  It’s funny, if people come back and their patch is moved, they want to know where it is!

Patches, Captain Parkers, Yarmouth MA, Cape Cod  Golf Balls, Captain Parker's Pub, Yarmouth MA, Cape Cod






Really we just try to offer great food at a reasonable price, but even that wouldn’t be enough.  I think what’s made this a welcoming place over the years is our staff.  My wife and I try hard to make this a place that people want to work at.  And they do.  We have people that have worked here 10, 15, 20 years, and not just a couple of them.  Our “rookie” bartender has been here 16 years.







April: So what is new then?


Gerry: Well ever since we opened the place I’ve wanted to have an outdoor patio.  Last summer we finally saw that come to fruition.  It’s a great space to enjoy a meal and take in the beautiful view and we’re really excited about it’s potential.  We’re still working on an awning system to keep people comfortable in the sun, all the details are important but that’s probably our biggest change.  We also just introduced a tapas menu for the bar.  Our goal is for our chowder to be a meal in itself if you want, but the tapas menu is a nice compliment for those that want a little more without a huge meal.


April: What would surprise me about Captain Parker’s?


Gerry: All the romance.


April: Did you say romance?


Gerry: Oh yes, lots of romance has started here over the years.  I won’t name names but we have people that have met here as employees, married, and now have children.  It’s been quite a surprise to see, especially with employees who work here as long as ours do.


April: What else might the average person not know?


Gerry: Well for the beer lovers out there, Sam Adams makes a special brew just for Captain Parker’s.  It’s called Ocean Ale.

Sam Adams Ocean Ale, Sam Adams Beer for Captain Parker's





April: Ok that’s pretty neat.


Gerry: Yeah we think so too. We’ve always had a great relationship with Sam Adams.  We’ve also served Cape Cod Beer since the beginning.  I’ll tell you when Todd (the owner) carried the beer in himself I said “gees if he’ll carry his own beer, I’ll buy from him.”


April: So what advice do you have for your other Chamber Members?


Gerry: Oh well I don’t know that I’m qualified to give advice but for us our community is vital. It all comes back to the locals.  We have to be a place locals want to frequent.  When a tourist comes into town and asks the receptionist at the hotel or the person doing their nails where to eat, we want them to say Captain Parker’s.  Word of mouth is still the best advertising hands down and that comes back to our local community.  We serve them well and they’ll serve us well.

 Bar at Captain Parker's Pub





April: So it seems everyone these days always wants bigger and better. How have you not given in to that temptation to expand locations or sell your chowder to a name brand company?


Gerry: You know every year about this time someone comes to me with an idea for expansion, a second location or a way to sell off our chowder.  And you do get really excited.  You like to think you have a great business, that you could weather the storms and still come out ahead and stay grounded.  In all honesty though, this is a tough business.  People want more for less and you want to be able to give that to them.  In the end I’ve been happy just like this.  I’m happy with the expansion of the patio and what that will do for us.  And we have expanded a bit, you can now get Captain Parker’s Chowder in local grocery stores.  You have to really live this business, it’s as demanding as it is rewarding. I’m happy just like this. Captain Parker’s is a special place with great people behind it; I’m happy with that.


April: The crowd is picking up, I need to let you go. Any parting juicy details you can leave me with that no one else knows?


Gerry: Just how grateful we are for the locals and for programs like what you’re doing here. Every dollar put into promoting Yarmouth is a dollar well spent…. And well now that you mention it there is something else I’ve been thinking about that could be coming along.  Nothing like a second location or anything but exciting just the same.  {insert teacher’s voice from Charlie Brown as Gerry tells me what he’s working on!}


April: But I can’t mention that though?


Gerry: Not yet.  I’ll let you know if and when you can release that to your followers.

Captain Parker's, West Yarmouth, Cape Cod, Gerry Manning

So there you go folks.  You’ll just have to stay tuned for an update.  You can post your guesses on what this news might be (or you’d like it to be) in the comments below and check back often for updates. Until then…. my lips are sealed!

See you soon for the next edition of Spotlight On…


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Bass Hole Boardwalk at Sunset (Gray’s Beach)


Bass Hole Boardwalk is one of the best places to catch a sunrise or sunset in Yarmouth and arguably all of Cape Cod. Enjoy these photos taken this evening.  We happened to be driving down 6A and decided to swing in for the view, boy we’re glad we did!

Bass Hole Boardwalk, Cape Cod, Yarmouth PortBass Hole Boardwalk, Yarmouth Port Cape Cod


Given the natural beauty here it’s extremely common to see photographers here taking senior portraits, family photos, and wedding or engagement photos.


If you or someone you know loves Cape Cod and the Bass Hole Boardwalk at Gray’s Beach you might consider purchasing a plank for them.  The Yarmouth Parks and Recreation Department has a Boardwalk Plank Program that allows people to pay special tribute to a loved one, commemorate a vacation or honor a person or pet in their life. Your plank will be engraved with up to 25 letters or characters (including spaces) and will be placed on the Gray’s Beach Boardwalk for everyone to see!  It’s a wonderful program and so fun to read the planks as you’re walking along.









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First Snowfall Of The Season On Cape Cod

What a beautiful wintery snow day here on Cape Cod. The sun was shining and glistened off the water and the fresh packed snow.  It reminds us just how beautiful the winter is on Cape Cod.  If you’ve never visited Yarmouth in the winter, you really should. It’s quiet and serene and full of beauty at every turn.

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New Year’s Eve on Cape Cod

Here are a few ideas of things taking place on New Year’s Eve in Yarmouth, MA.


Bonkerz Party Zone located at 657 Rt 28 Rear West Yarmouth, MA where the Classical Billiards was, is hosting a New Year’s Eve party for kids from 5-8pm.  For details call       (508) 775-1010 or visit them on the web at www.bonkerzpartyzone.com.





Cape Cod Rail New Year's Eve Dinner Train

The Cape Cod Central Railroad is hosting a New Year’s Eve Gala at 8:30pm from their Hyannis station.  The Elegant Dinner Train includes a leisurly 4 hour six course meal with strolling musicians, party favors and a champagne toast at midnight.  Learn more on their website, Facebook page, or by calling (508) 771-3800.





Bayside Resort New Year's Eve 2012

The Bayside Resort offers a New Year’s Eve party for families and another for adults.  The family party offers pizza at 7pm, party favors, a dj and a non-alcoholic toast for those that make it to midnight!  The adult party includes champagne and party favors, full course dinner and desert with The Yarmouth House (free shuttle to/from), live entertainment and dancing, a midnight champagne toast, New Year’s Day breakfast and free checkout!  Visit them online to learn more or call (800) 243-1114.


Cape Cod Children's MuseumCome make noisemakers with the Cape Cod Children’s Museum. They will be open from 10am-2pm.  You can learn more by calling (508)539-8788 or by visiting them on Facebook.





The Hearth ‘n Kettle has a special menu in store for New Year’s Eve.  You can find them in Yarmouth at 1196 Main Street South Yarmouth, MA 02664 or on Facebook.





The Old Yarmouth Inn has a New Year’s Eve Lunch from 11:30am – 2:30pm and a dinner seating from 4pm-5:30pm.  Reservations are recommended so give them a call at (508) 362-9962.





If you know of other things happening around town, post them in the comment section.


The Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce hopes you have a fabulous New Year’s Eve!  Please remember that Operation Safe Ride Home is in effect on December 31st between 8:00pm and 3:00am.  Any citizen who needs a free and safe ride home from a Yarmouth licensed liquor establishment should call Town Taxi directly at 508.775.5555 for a free cab ride.  The Town and Chamber of Yarmouth wants to keep our residents safe and sound so please take advantage of this great program.  Happy New Year to all.


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A Holiday Gift Idea from Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Member CutUps Hair Salon & Spa

CutUps Hair Salon & Spa is a full service salon located at 845 Rt. 28 Main St., Unit 4, in South Yarmouth, MA.  In addition to basic hair and color services they also offer hair and makeup for weddings and special occasions.  On the spa side they offer facials and hair removal.  As a new customer you automatically receive 10% off your first visit if you mention the special on their website at www.cutupshairsalon.net.  CutUps is currently offering a fantastic deal on gift certificates through January 2013 that we just had to share.  You’ll want to call CutUps at 1-508-394-7109 or visit their Facebook page to discuss these details further with them and of course to purchase one of these great offers:
With the purchase of a Gift Certificate of:

$50 or more get a free mini facial*
$75 or more get a free mini facial and eyebrow waxing*
$100 or more get a free signature facial*
For the month of December: All makeup and skin care products buy 2 get one free!

* Free Services Will Expire and Non-Transferable

So don’t wait.  Visit the CutUps Hair Salon and Spa website, call them at 508-394-7109 or visit their Facebook page to learn more and kick off 2013 in style!  Enjoy.

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The Elf On The Shelf Loves Cape Cod

We know pretty much everyone loves Cape Cod right?  Well it turns out that our Elf On The Shelf Loves Cape Cod too!   Our Elf (Yarmouthy) made his appearance this morning lounging on what we can only assume is one of our beautiful Yarmouth beaches.  We quickly started wondering how many other Elfs out there are showing their love for Cape Cod?

The Elf On The Shelf (ours is appropriately named Yarmouthy) made his appearance this morning by showing himself relaxing on a Cape Cod beach. Smart little elf!


We bet there are a lot, so let’s make a game of it!  The best place to play a photo related game is on Pinterest! So let’s get started.  The details of the game are simple.  We want to see a photo of your Elf On The Shelf showing his or her love for Cape Cod.  Be creative.  Businesses are encouraged to enter too so go ahead and take a picture of your elf at your business.  Email either a photo or a link to your pin, to April@CoastalMountainCreative.com by Dec. 24th at 6:00pm eastern to be added to the Elf on The Shelf Loves Cape Cod board on the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Pinterest page.  Your photo should depict your elf enjoying his or her stay on Cape Cod.  Be creative and have fun but please keep your photos in good taste as we are extremely family friendly!  We’ll pin or repin your photos to our Elf On the Shelf Loves Cape Cod pinterest board. Visit our board frequently to “like” your favorite pin.  The Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce will then select one pin that we feel is the most creative and best captures the spirit of the contest.  In addition the pin with the most likes will win too, so be sure to “like” your favorite pins. The two winners will each win a $50 gift certificate to the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Member Business of their choice.


The fine print (there’s always fine pint):  The Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to end this game or change it’s rules at any time.  We also reserve the right to refuse to publish a photo we feel is not in good taste or does not reflect the spirit of the game or the values of our audience.  Your photo must appear on the The Elf on The Shelf Loves Cape Cod board on the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Pinterest account to be considered for a prize.  To appear on the The Elf On The Shelf Loves Cape Cod board you must email April@CoastalMountainCreative.com your photo or the link to your pin by Dec. 24th at 6pm eastern.  Your email must provide your name and a phone number to be able to be selected for a prize.  By submitting a photo you agree to receive the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce newsletter which you may then opt out of at any time.  The Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce will select the winners by January 7th, 2013.  If there is not a single pin with the most “likes” then the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce will randomly select a single winner from amongst the pins that has the most likes.  The winners must select a gift certificate from a business that is an active member of the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce that offers gift certificates.  If you don’t see your favorite business listed, ask them why they aren’t a member and encourage them to join today!  Pinterest is in no way affiliated with this game and does not endorse it in any way.


So that’s it!  We hope you have fun playing our Pinterest Elf On the Shelf Loves Cape Cod game and look forward to seeing all your fabulous photos.  If you have any questions feel free to comment here or email April@CoastalMountainCreative.com.  Happy Pinning and Happy Holidays from the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce!

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Shop for gifts from Yarmouth and Cape Cod this holiday season

Where did the summer go?  It seems like last week we were kicking off Summer Celebration and now the 2012 holiday season is upon us.   Good thing we simply love the holidays here in Yarmouth and Cape Cod.  This is a great time to showcase some of our wonderful local Yarmouth Area and greater Cape Cod businesses and the products and services they offer. In fact we hope you’ll consider our local Yarmouth businesses when doing your holiday shopping.  We have some fabulous products and event services that would make a great gift certificate for a loved one.  We’ve created a Gift Ideas board on our Pinterest page to help you get started. Visit us on Pinterest for gift ideas and also a listing of our Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce member businesses.  Be sure to comment below or email april@coastalmountaincreative.com with ideas of other products or services we should pin to our board.  We’d love to hear from you.  Remember to shop local this holiday season.



Visit the Cape Cod Gift Ideas Board on the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Pinterest page for products and services local to Yarmouth and Cape Cod that would make great holiday gifts.

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Restaurants Open Thanksgiving Day in Yarmouth

If you’re not a fan of being stuck in your kitchen this Thanksgiving, never fear.  There are plenty of restaurants open for business Thanksgiving Day in Yarmouth.  Whether you’re craving pizza, Chinese or chowder, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants that are open to satisfy your culinary wish on Thanksgiving day. I bet we’ve missed a few too so feel free to comment below if you know of another restaurant that is open in Yarmouth on Thanksgiving Day.


HEARTH & KETTLE                   (508) 394-2252 1196   RTE. 28                        SY         OPEN 7AM-6PM                                  Dinner from 11:30
H & K Cape Codder                      (508) 771-3000             Rte. 132 Hyannis                     Open 11:30-5PM                                 Thanksgiving Buffet
KELTIC KITCHEN                        (508) 771-4835            415 Rte.28                                   OPEN 6-9 AM                                      Breakfast
PICCADILLY DELI                       (508) 394-9018            1105 Rte 28                                OPEN 6-11AM                                      Breakfast
4 BROS BISTRO                           (508) 771-0799              183 Main St                              OPEN 12-5PM                                      Also Complete Take Out Dinners
ARDEOS                                          (508) 760-1500             23V WHITES PATH   SY     OPEN 12-5PM                                      Also Complete Take Out Dinners
CAPE COD SUPER BUFFET    (508) 775-8110             228 Rte 28                     WY     OPEN 11am-9PM                               (Turkey etc.)
COLONIAL HOUSE INN           (508) 362-4348            277 RTE. 6A                  YP      OPEN 11:30-8PM                                SUGGESTED
OLD YARMOUTH INN              (508) 362-9962 223    RTE 6A                           YP      OPEN 11:30-6:30PM                          REQUIRED
RED FACE JACKS                       (508) 771-5225 585      Rte 28                            WY     OPEN @6pm BOTH SIDES
YARMOUTH HOUSE                (508) 771-5154 335      RTE 28                           WY      OPEN                                                      SUGGESTED
Cape Cod Central R. R.              (508) 771-3800             Main St.                                     Hyannis Dinner Train                              REQUIRED
CAPTAIN PARKERS                (508) 771-4266              668 Rte 28                    WY      CLOSED bar open @ 6PM
GREAT ISLAND BAKERY      (508) 760-0007            46 South St                                CLOSED pie pickups wed
IDGYS GLUTEN FREE            (508) 694-7451             23S Whites Path                      CLOSED gluten free pies, stuffing avail




Regardless of where you spend your Thanksgiving Day 2012, all of us at the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce sincerely wish you and your family and friends good times, laughter, love and blessings.  Enjoy!

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Hurricane Sandy Has Come and Gone on Cape Cod

Hurricane Sandy was felt on Cape Cod October 29th 2012.  Most municipal offices, schools and even businesses heading the warnings and closed for the day.  A command center was set up beginning at 6am with representation from the Police and Fire Department as well as the Chamber providing assistance with social media posts.  The Police Department utilized CodeRED high speed notification system to send phone updates to residents regarding the storm.  Both the Police Department and the Chamber of Commerce posted regular updates to Facebook and Twitter and both received glowing comments from residents regarding the use of Social Media to keep residents updated and informed during the storm.

Damaging winds left many Yarmouth residents without power and a few roads were closed to secure and remove downed trees and wires.  Coastal erosion is always an issue in storms like these and of course residents have much yard clean-up ahead of them.  In the end we feel very lucky to say that our damage was relatively minimal, certainly in relation to the widespread damage felt by many of our coastal neighbors in the east. Our hearts go out to those in NYC, NJ and all other areas his by Sandy who are facing so much more.



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Something for Everyone This Halloween

Yarmouth offers activities for everyone this Halloween.  Start by picking up some pumpkins and halloween decor.  You can visit the West Yarmouth Congregational Church to pick from pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.  Or head over to the Green Spot Garden Center  for their large selection of fall items.


If you’re looking for a great costume party you can’t miss the Haunted Hotel Costume Bash at Red Jacket Resorts on October 27th.  In fact Red Jacket is offering a great weekend package with discounted lodging and tickets to the bash.  You can find details on their website or their Facebook page.



The Edward Gorey House has collected a number of Day of the Dead pieces and also offers a Dracula exhibit.  They are open Thursday-Saturday from 11:00am-4:00pm and Monday from 12:00-4:00.  They are located at 8 Strawberry Lane in Yarmouth Port, MA 02675.  You can findthem on the web at www.edwardgoreyhouse.org or on their Facebook page.

The Cape Cod Children’s Museum is hosting a Harry Potter Halloween Party on October 20th from 6pm-8pm.  Be sure to purchase tickets in advance since they are only selling 250 and will not be available at the door.  More details and ticket purchases can be made on their event page.  You can also find information on their website or Facebook page.

Oliver’s & Plank’s Tavern is hosting a Halloween party with LATITUDE Saturday October 27th and prizes will be awarded for best costume.  Ask for more details by calling (508) 362-6062 or visiting their Facebook page or website.

The Cape Cod Central Railroad is hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner Train on October 27th.  This is a 3 hour train ride departing from the Hyannis station at 6pm, is for adults only and requires advance reservations.  Book online via their website or call (508) 771-3800.

The Zooquarium Cape Cod is hosting Boo at the Zoo Saturday October 27th from 10:00am-3:00pm.  The event is being put on with the help of our local Girl Scout troops and visitors are encouraged to attend in costume and participate in fun activities like face painting, arts and crafts and special animal programs.  You can find more at: http://zooquariumcapecod.net/whats-happening/ or via the Zooquarium Facebook Page

The Cape Cod Irish Village is having a Halloween Oiche Shamhna Party October 26th-28th Wear a costume and you could win a gift certificate for a getaway weekend! Have a ghoulishly good time with Irish entertainment provided by Andy and The Zombies.  Their off-season rates apply so call 508-771-0100 for details.

So there you have it, lots of great options this halloween.  I’m sure we’ve missed several too so comment below if you know of any other great things happening in and around Yarmouth this Halloween.  Enjoy!

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Yarmouth Beauty – The Bass Hole Boardwalk at Gray’s Beach

The Bass Hole Boardwalk is one of those Cape Cod gems where it’s difficult to take a bad photo.  Regardless of the time of day or year it’s a stunning location to photograph.  The salt marsh offers plant and marine life viewing and at low tide there are calm pools of water, perfect for children (and adults) to explore.  Those visiting at sunrise and sunset will be richly rewarded with a beautiful sky and the melodic sound of wildlife.  The Boardwalk at Bass Hole (Gray’s Beach) is easy to get to from the scenic Route 6A in Yarmouth Port with lots of quaint shops, bed and breakfasts, libraries and restaurants nearby.


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Follow the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce on Pinterest!

Love, love, love Pinterest!  What can we say, it’s just great to have a place to categorize and share all the beautiful photos taken in and around Yarmouth.  We’ve created boards for all different types of businesses like places to eat, places to stay, activities for kids, things to do….we even have boards to help you with all your holiday gift shopping!  So go check out the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Pinterest Page and start following the Yarmouth Chamber, we love to repin photos from our followers and welcome your ideas.  If there is a board or photo you’d like to see just email april@coastalmountaincreative.com or comment on this post.

Please visit the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Pinterest page for photos of our local business, services, beaches, events and wonderful things to do in and around Yarmouth, MA and Cape Cod.


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Pumpkins for sale!

If you’ve driven down Route 28 in Yarmouth you’ve surely seen the amazing Pumpkin Patch at the West Yarmouth Congregational Church.  If you haven’t driven by, you really should.  (more…)

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Finding Your Favorite Business Social Media Pages

I’ll admit it, I’m a pretty heavy social media user.  In my defense it is a huge portion of my work responsibilities!  Even so I use Facebook and Twitter and my new obsession; Pinterest to stay connected to family and girlfriends around the country.  I also use social media quite a bit as a resource to learn more about the businesses I buy products and services from.  As I was talking to a group of adult students last week about social media I was quite surprised that so many of them aren’t taking advantage of social media to connect with businesses.  So I figured there might be more of you out there and perhaps I can inspire you to branch out!

Social media is a great way stay on top of offers, discounts and events happening at your favorite businesses.  If you’re all at into paying attention to where your dollar goes and trying to support your local community then it’s also a fantastic way to get to know local businesses.  Follow a business on Facebook and you can pretty quickly see how involved they are in the community, how they handle customer service and engaging with their customers, and even how passionate they are about their products or services.  It’s also a great way to know what’s happening around you.

Earlier this summer the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce kicked off a new initiative focused on social media.  We’ve significantly ramped up our activity on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and are seeing really wonderful results.  It’s really so fun to hear from people that have had a great experience vacationing here in Yarmouth, or from residents who comment on a photo or thank us for posting an event they didn’t know about.  As a result we’re really encouraging our Chamber Member businesses to do the same.  We’re following the pages of our members and do our best to share their content and promote their products, services and community events.

If you’re not sure where to get started in using social media sites to follow businesses we recommend you start by following our page.  Yes that is a shameless plug but really it makes perfect sense.  We can introduce you to local businesses you may not be aware of when we share their content.  We also promote as many events and community activities as we can.  You can also easily go to our page and see all of the businesses we follow right there in one place and hit a simple button to follow them yourself…..no searching or extra work involved. (comment below if you need help figuring out how to do this)

I’m so proud to say we have some really great businesses using social media locally.  I’m not going to list them all here in this post (though that would help with search results…hmmm!) but I will give you a few examples of local businesses who are active with social media.

Edward Gorey House

Red Jacket Resorts

Red Face Jacks

Thirwood Place

Ryan Family Amusements

Rogers & Gray

DiParma Italian Table

So go ahead and give it a shot.  Like the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce page.  Then like a few of the pages we follow and then go ahead and type in the name of your favorite businesses into the search box at the top of the page on any of the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) and look for businesses on your own.  And by all means, if you know of a business we should be following make sure you tell us in the comments below.

One other thing to keep in mind…..with the new Facebook algorithm it’s best to engage regularly with your favorite pages to make sure they keep showing up in your news feed.  It doesn’t take much, just hit the like button here and there when you see something that interests you and that will tell Facebook you really want to see that page’s content and keep it active in your news feed.  So go find some local businesses and like their pages today.  Then come back and let us know how about it.  We’d love to hear who your favorite businesses are to follow and stories of interesting things you’ve learned that you might not have if you weren’t following that business socially.  Have fun!

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Welcome to the Yarmouth Chamber Blog!

The Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce has entered the blog sphere!  We’re so excited to have a platform to discuss all the great events, activities, businesses and areas in Yarmouth.  We hope you will find this blog to be useful and fun to read and we look forward to your comments and feedback.  Have a topic you’d like us to discuss or a business you’d like to learn more about in our Business Spotlight?  Great!  Just send an email to april@coastalmountaincreative.com or comment on this post!  Happy reading, we hope to see you around town :-)

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