Restaurants Open Thanksgiving Day in Yarmouth

If you’re not a fan of being stuck in your kitchen this Thanksgiving, never fear.  There are plenty of restaurants open for business Thanksgiving Day in Yarmouth.  Whether you’re craving pizza, Chinese or chowder, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants that are open to satisfy your culinary wish on Thanksgiving day. I bet we’ve missed a few too so feel free to comment below if you know of another restaurant that is open in Yarmouth on Thanksgiving Day.


HEARTH & KETTLE                   (508) 394-2252 1196   RTE. 28                        SY         OPEN 7AM-6PM                                  Dinner from 11:30
H & K Cape Codder                      (508) 771-3000             Rte. 132 Hyannis                     Open 11:30-5PM                                 Thanksgiving Buffet
KELTIC KITCHEN                        (508) 771-4835            415 Rte.28                                   OPEN 6-9 AM                                      Breakfast
PICCADILLY DELI                       (508) 394-9018            1105 Rte 28                                OPEN 6-11AM                                      Breakfast
4 BROS BISTRO                           (508) 771-0799              183 Main St                              OPEN 12-5PM                                      Also Complete Take Out Dinners
ARDEOS                                          (508) 760-1500             23V WHITES PATH   SY     OPEN 12-5PM                                      Also Complete Take Out Dinners
CAPE COD SUPER BUFFET    (508) 775-8110             228 Rte 28                     WY     OPEN 11am-9PM                               (Turkey etc.)
COLONIAL HOUSE INN           (508) 362-4348            277 RTE. 6A                  YP      OPEN 11:30-8PM                                SUGGESTED
OLD YARMOUTH INN              (508) 362-9962 223    RTE 6A                           YP      OPEN 11:30-6:30PM                          REQUIRED
RED FACE JACKS                       (508) 771-5225 585      Rte 28                            WY     OPEN @6pm BOTH SIDES
YARMOUTH HOUSE                (508) 771-5154 335      RTE 28                           WY      OPEN                                                      SUGGESTED
Cape Cod Central R. R.              (508) 771-3800             Main St.                                     Hyannis Dinner Train                              REQUIRED
CAPTAIN PARKERS                (508) 771-4266              668 Rte 28                    WY      CLOSED bar open @ 6PM
GREAT ISLAND BAKERY      (508) 760-0007            46 South St                                CLOSED pie pickups wed
IDGYS GLUTEN FREE            (508) 694-7451             23S Whites Path                      CLOSED gluten free pies, stuffing avail




Regardless of where you spend your Thanksgiving Day 2012, all of us at the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce sincerely wish you and your family and friends good times, laughter, love and blessings.  Enjoy!

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