Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight on Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod

Welcome to the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight On….Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod where their tagline is “Heads and tails above the rest!” Howl-A-Day is entering their third summer on Cape Cod.  Susan, the owner, purchased and redesigned Howl-A-Day, calling on a collective 30 years of experience in the industry to be a safe, fun and dependable place for people to leave their dogs for a day or an extended stay.  Their model is simple – “clean, dependable and fun.”

Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod

Howl-A-Day caters to the people that live, and work here on the Cape, and is proud to offer a place for dog owners to feel confident leaving their favorite pals.  As Susan says “We’re not the biggest, or the cheapest but we’re a little bit different in all the right ways.”

This would seem a perfectly fitting description.  After spending some time with howl-a-day the one thought I kept coming back to was that howl-a-day is run remarkably similar to a children’s daycare!

You enter the day care and everyone has their own place for their stuff…

Howl-a-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod

Everyone has their own bed.  (At Howl-a-day there is actually a scheduled nap time for the dogs to rest.)

Nap area for dogs at Howl-a-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod

No one is ever left unattended.  Really, there is always someone in with the dogs…. just hanging out and playing with them!  All. day. long. How excited would you be?!

Love for dogs shows through at Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod

Dogs are grouped by age and size,  (are you seeing the similarities yet?) and each week they work on an agility and command with your dog….that’s helpful now isn’t it?

Practicing their manners - Dog obedience at Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod
Everyone has to conduct a temperament assessment and Susan says she is a real stickler for medical releases. (sort of like when the school tracks you down for your child’s yearly physical.)

Doggy love at Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care of Cape Cod

So, how do you sign your child…eh dog up you ask?  Well the process is simple yet thorough.  Every owner must fill out a form and complete a temperament assessment on-site with staff.  At that time you tour the facility to make sure you’re all a good fit for each other.  If everyone is happy and all shots and medical releases are up to date then you’re in!  Howl-A-Day is open 7am-6pm Monday through Friday and summer Saturdays.  They also offer overnight boarding (complete with movies for the doggies, just like a slumber party).

Contact Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care

In talking with Susan you could see her enthusiasm for the dogs and for her staff.  In fact, no less than three times she mentioned how her success is attributable to her staff.  One of her staff has been a Vet Tech for over 15 years. Her pride in their passion and their love for animals shows through when she speaks about her business.  The dogs enjoy being there because they are cared for and played with and attended to constantly.  No wonder, it sounds much better than being home alone while mom and dad are at work now doesn’t it?

In addition to all these great amenities are the added offerings Susan provides to her day care clients.  Each month Susan schedules Aussie Pet Mobile to come to Howl-A-Day so that her client’s owners don’t have to take time off of work or spend part of their weekend having their dog groomed.  She also brings in a certified animal massage therapist, Beth DiGiulio once a month to take care of any doggies that might need a little extra TLC.  She often holds American Red Cross CPR for K-9 training, estate planning for pets, and other workshops throughout the year.

Howl-A-Day also gives back the community in several ways. Not only do they work with high school work study and intern programs, they spend a lot of time raising funds for organizations like the Sampson Fund, CARE and The Last Gasp.  In talking with Susan you can hear her passion for these causes and for the local community and projects like the Barnstable County Dog Park which she supports.

It was a pleasure visiting Howl-A-Day Inn Doggy Day Care. We hope you give them a call the next time you need a place for your four legged friend to hang out.  You can find them on the web at www.howladayinncapecod.com or on Facebook.  Of course you could also give them a call at 508-790-HOWL (4695) or go the old fashioned route and stop in and see them at 12 Industrial Park Road West Yarmouth, MA.

In the mean time we invite you to say hello to Susan in the short video below!


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